Trailer: Battleship


As I sat there in a loud room filled with drunken Giants fans (GO BLUE!), the room suddenly fell quiet as this mysterious trailer appeared upon the giant screen. Given my important stature in the film blog word, I already knew what this trailer was for, but I decided to stay quiet and not tell a soul. Soon during the first few seconds, I heard whispers of “What is this?” and “Why the hell is Rihanna in the new Transformers movie?” As soon as the words Battleship flashed across the screen, everybody erupted in laughter as the room essentially gave a collective raspberry towards the notion of a Battleship movie. I must say, it was my third favorite thing of yesterday’s Super Bowl behind a Giant’s victory and Betty White performance at the half time show. No wait, I forgot about the Puppy Bowl — fourth favorite thing.

Also, I can’t take Liam Neeson serious now unless he’s punching wolves with glass-strapped knuckles. I’m sure that’s exactly how his family feels.