Trailer: Battleship


Here it is, folks. The first of the plethora of movies based on board games we’ll be seeing in the coming years. Yes, Battleship is based on that Battleship game, but judging from this trailer they’ve taken a few liberties. For instance I do not remember a love affair with Brooklyn Decker occurring during any of the times I played the game. Nor do I remember Liam Neeson being all gruff and bad ass during my games.

Oh, I don’t remember giant alien ships either. Well, I suppose branching out is a neccesity when the thing you’re basing your movie on’s deepest plot point is someone yelling “You sunk my battleship!” It seems they might be taking an interesting enough direction with the film even though we actually get very little information on what the battling of ships in the film will actually be like.

I’m hoping the aliens are sort of like naval Predators and they test themselves with interesting war games. That big shield you see for a second in the trailer could definitely be hinting at that. Whatever the full story is as long director Peter Berg can keep it interesting I’ll be in the theater next May 18.

[Image from the lovely Nick Chester]

Matthew Razak
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