Trailer: Beautiful Creatures


Beautiful Creatures is yet another adaptation of a Young Adult novel series that’s going to try and fill in the void that Twilight is going to leave when it ends this year. The original book, written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, follows a guy named Ethan who falls in love with some mysterious shut in transfer student who smells like lemons. He finds out she’s a Caster, a witch essentially, and on her sixteenth birthday will turn to the Light or Dark side of the force the magic. 

While I may have compared this unfavorably to Twilight, BeeCees shows some promise that Twilight didn’t have. For one thing, the trailer didn’t focus on the way the two leads stare at each other. Besides, the thing with the windows was kind of neat, and that one voodoo looking lady might be interesting. Beautiful Creatures releases February 13th next year.