Trailer: Beauty and the Beast 3D


I don’t think Beauty and the Beast is my favorite 90s Disney movie, but it’s certainly got the best 90s Disney song. Anyone that says Disney didn’t hit a major peak with “Gaston” is full of crap. It’s a song celebrating the glory of men. Men that wrestle and expectorate. And are covered with hair. Every. Last. Inch. Basically, if you don’t like that song, you can die in a fire.

Also, Beauty and the Beast is re-releasing in 3D, much like Lion King. It releases January 13th, and if you’re a Disney fan, you should see it. The work they put into cleaning up these movies is astounding, whether you’re a fan of 3D or no, and it’s worth it for the sheer nostalgic spectacle. Prepare yourself by reading Jenika’s excellent Princess Review on the film.

[Via Yahoo Movies]