Trailer: Being Flynn


Yea, you just saw that. It’s Robert DeNiro in a role that doesn’t look like a complete and total waste of his considerable talent. The film that may harbor that role is called Being Flynn and its based on author Nick Flynn’s memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. It’s about a struggling author who meets his estranged father in a homeless shelter and then life changing stuff occurs. More importantly Paul Dano, Julianne Moore and Olivia Thirbly also star in the film, which bodes well for it.

I’m even more excited to see director/screenwriter Paul Weitz return to his wheelhouse after the abysmal Little Fockers. If there’s one thing the man knows how to do its tug at the heart strings and charm the heck out of you, which is clearly proven in the fantastic About a Boy and In Good Company.

You can check out the hi-def version of the trailer over at iTunes and see the full movie when it release in Spring of 2012.

Matthew Razak
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