Trailer: Bel Ami


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In 2012’s Bel Ami, Robert Pattinson – of Twilight fame – plays a young French soldier returning from war who tries his hand at being a journalist, only to get wrapped up in torrid affairs with the elite women of French society.

Bel Ami roughly translates to “good friend,” and yes, Pattinson’s character looks like he’s a real good friend to those ladies… real good. Hey, at least he’s not so disgustingly vampire-pale anymore. Bel Ami is also starring Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci. 

Check out below the jump to see how I bet they got Pattinson on board with this film.

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Here’s what I think happened when they pitched this script to Pattinson:

Manager: “Hey Rob, I’ve got this new script you’re going to love! It’s a historical piece set in Paris and you play a broken soldier and a lousy journalist.”

Pattinson: “Uhh…”

Manager: “You get to sleep with like six women!!”

Pattinson: “I’LL TAKE IT.”