Trailer: Black Sunrise


Black Sunrise is the newest project of animator Nick Cross, the maker of an amazing animated short we’ve featured before on Flixist called The Pig Farmer. The Pig Farmer is NSFW due to fox boobs and drugs and amazingness.

This trailer is sweet for two reasons. The first being that it looks like more of Cross’ kill-everything-burn-it-BUURRRNN style, and the second being that I still have no idea what the heck the story is going to be. It’s just enough of a taste to keep me interested without blowing everything upfront. What’s going to happen in Black Sunrise? An evil military regime takes over the world? Pig-like politicians plunder the Earth for riches? I don’t know!

Stay tuned for more info about the project, though I have a feeling this one might be in the works for a long time.

[via Quiet Earth]