Trailer: Blackthorn


When I first saw this on the Flixist tip lines, I was instantly flooded with memories of Blizzard’s 1994 SNES game Blackthorne. The killer orcs, the colorful yet dark and seedy world, the way you held your shotgun like a bad ass. Man, that game was pants.

Sadly, once I watched the trailer, I was disappointed to find out it’s really a Western about the last days of Butch Cassidy. Sure, it looks gorgeous and displays all kinds of gruff and bad assery, but it’s significantly lacking in spider mines and orcs with space guns. Man, a film adaptation of Blackthorne would be sooooooo cooooool.

Blackthorn (the one without the ‘e’ or the orcs) will see a limited release on October 7th. As for me, I’m going to dig up my old copy of Blackthorne (the awesome one with the ‘e’ and the orcs) and write a spec script as if anybody else other than me has ever heard of this videogame.

[Via Apple]