Trailer: Brake


Bite into this trailer for Brake really quickly and let me know what you think. Are you chewing? Is it me or does it leave a little bit of that Buried aftertaste in your mouth? It does? OK good, so it’s not only me.

Brake features Ryan Reynolds Stephen Dorff trapped in a box for a good duration of the movie. The key difference is instead of said box being underground, the box lies in the trunk of a car bomb making its way towards a target. There’s also the fact that these terrorists torture poor Dorff with bees  and what I could only assume is poo water in an effort to get the coordinates to the president’s safe house. Did I mention Stephen Dorff is part of Secret Service? No? Whatever.

I really want to give Brake an honest chance because it does look kinda cool, but I can’t shake that Buried feeling it gives me. Perhaps I’ll be able to ignore deja vu when it releases on March 23rd.