Trailer: Branded


This trailer for Branded (releasing Friday) gives away a little more than the first trailer does. And just like the first one, this new-ish trailer draws more than a few parallels to the awesome They Live (and Idiocracybut makes up for the lack of brilliant cheese (and cool shades) with pure seriousness, that one girl from Never Been Kissed, and Jeffrey Tambor. 

If there were giant creature things attached to our backs because of advertising, I would have to assume I’m the one that’s feeding that entire civilization. Because of television, I want everything all of the time. Ever play that LOGO board game? Well play it, realize how many corporate logos you know and come back and tell me about it. I will then utterly destroy you at that game. You do not know as many brands as I do. You hear that alien/monsters? I’m supporting all of you and you owe me