Trailer: Branded


The trailer for Branded is all kinds of unsettling for me. Other than the fact it contains jovial fatties and Leelee Sobieski’s weird face, it takes place in dystopian future in which aliens invisible to the human eye turn the masses into fat mindless consumers through advertising and it’s up to Rowdy Roddy Piper the protagonist, the only one who can see these aliens, to stop them. Yea, it may be a little (read: A LOT) reminiscent of They Live, but admittedly it’s a great movie to rip off.

What’s especially interesting about this trailer is the fact that there are 97 QR codes hidden within the trailer. I’ve scanned a few of them myself and they all seem to lead to fake advertisements that lampoon real companies but replace the skinny models we’re used to with the jovial fatties mentioned earlier. There’s something delightfully delirious about all this, and I’ve left a screen cap of the frame with the most QR codes for you to enjoy in the gallery below.

[via Yahoo! Movies]