Trailer: Brave


You shouldn’t need another excuse to see Brave, a film that will be better than The Hobbits in Toyland with Magneto in every way imaginable, but this trailer should continue to make you happy. I like the idea that Disney isn’t putting out a traditional trailer, but rather presenting a two and a half minute scene from the film, likely early on in the plot, to define Merida’s character. They could have easily tossed together a three minute sizzle reel, and we’d all still be going, “OH WOAH COOL I LIKE THE RED HAIRED LADY SHE MAKES MY WEENIE JIGGLE,” but instead, in one scene that works out of context, we get a sense of the film and where the conflicts are coming from.

Seriously, it’s Pixar, it’s Celtic fantasy, just see it, ya mooks.