Trailer: Bullet to the Head


In this trailer for the film adaptation of the comic book, Bullet to the Head (releasing February 1st, 2013), Sylvester Stallone has an accent that’s harder to understand than his normal one. It’s sort of his normal mush mouth mixed with drunk slurs. Either way, his tattoos more than make up for it. I can probably just sit there and just look at him fight Conan with axes and hang out with that one dead Asian guy from the Fast and Furious films. 

I honestly haven’t seen him act as an Italian badass in a long while, so I’m kind of looking forward to this one. Especially now that older action stars are experiencing a current revival thanks to all of the Expendables 2 hype. I’m just hoping I can look past the “hurr hurr you’re old” and “hurr hurr Asians know kung-fu” jokes.

[via IGN]