Trailer: Casa de mi Padre


Yes, that is Will Ferrell speaking Spanish and yes, what you see above these words is 100% real. I know it’s hard to believe, but bear with me here.

Casa de mi Padre sounds like an independent Spanish film wrought with drama, poverty, drug smuggling and other tropes that have made South American cinema so popular in the past few years. Instead, it is a movie that draws inspiration from Spanish telenovelas and stars Will Ferrell speaking broken Spanish throughout the entire film. I know that this sounds odd, but I’m actually kind of glad it’s the latter and not the former.

Directed by Matt Piedmont (a frequent contributor to Ferrell’s Funny or Die), Casa de mi Padre (translated to “House of My Father” for all you gringos) has Ferrell playing a rancher named Armando Alvarez whom falls in love with his rich brother’s (played by Diego Luna) fiance and somehow get’s involved with a crazed drug kingpin (played by Gael Garacia Bernal). Also, Nick Offerman of Parks & Recreation fame plays a DEA agent. Did I happen to mention that this movie, from start to finish, is in Spanish with English subtitles?

I realize that the mere concept of this film sounds absolutely absurd and that they are relying way too heavily on the whole “he speaks funny” thing, but the trailer looks fantastic. As someone who grew up watching all these awful Spanish telenovelas (don’t judge me, I was raised around crazed Colombian women), the thought of a film playing with these awful tropes sound absolutely brilliant. Plus with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna providing support, I’d excuse Will Ferrell making a mockery of the culture and language my ancestors gave me.

I told myself I would never watch a Will Ferrell movie after the travesty that was Semi-Pro. Looks like I’m going to have to eat my words … with PICANTE! AY AY AY!!!!*

*I have shamed my ancestors.

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