Trailer: Chinese Zodiac


Ever since the first promo video for Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac (the third Armour of God movie), I’ve been excited that this would be a return to form like 2004’s New Police Story. If this teaser is any indication, Chan probably isn’t going to let me down at all.


Because in an action sequence for Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan wears a rollerblade suit and proceeds to street luge his way into hand-to-hand combat and vehicular mayhem. This is apparently the opening sequence of the film, which fits in the tradition of the previous two Armour of God movies, though this time not in the jungle. It’s sort of like the rollerskate sequence of Winners and Sinners on Four Loko proper.

In the gallery is a new poster for Chinese Zodiac (will post a larger version when we find one). After the cut is a behind-the-scenes look at the rollerblade suit sequence. Chinese Zodiac premieres in Hong Kong on December 12th and then releases across China on December 20th.

[Twitch via /Film]

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