Trailer: Chinese Zodiac


This latest trailer for Chinese Zodiac (aka Armour of God 3) isn’t as awesome as the rollerblade suit trailer from late August or the more traditional trailer from May. It’s not even as keen as that initial promo from last year. This new Chinese Zodiac trailer is all about the scope of the globetrotting and the tone of the comedy.

This definitely feels like an old school Jackie Chan movie, though maybe not in a good way. There are kooky sidekicks and hapless women, and they all seem to act like they’re from a decades-old Cantonese comedy. Maybe it’s just for this scene, and if anything, maybe Jackie Chan will make up for it by beating up a room full of monks.

Chinese Zodiac lands on December 12th in Hong Kong, December 20th in the rest of China, and then hits Greece in January 2013. Still no word on a stateside release.

[Via Twitch]

Hubert Vigilla
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