Trailer: Chronicle


I’m very fond of the “found footage” films because of their DIY-like approach to film, whether it’s a false aesthetic (Cloverfield) or actually DIY in nature (Paranormal Activity). Whatever the case, this style of film making allows the audience to immerse themselves into the film much easier than any third person view ever could. Considering this trailer for the film, Chronicle, the realistic immersion will benefit it greatly.

Based off the trailer, the film will be about a group of friends who develop superpowers following some sort of discovery (probably a meteor or radioactivity). However, one of the friends becomes obsessed with his new abilities and begins to abuse them. Typical? Possibly. But damn if it doesn’t look really good.

We’ll see how it all turns out as Chronicle comes out February 3rd, 2012.

Update: IMDB has a new poster for the film, and it does look pretty cool. Check that out in the gallery below.

[via Collider, via MTV, via IMDB]