Trailer: Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away


…huh. I didn’t expect those wacky French Canucks at Cirque du Soleil would make a movie, but I suppose everyone’s allowed to be wrong. The film looks like it’s essentially a taped version of one of their shows: a series of visually stunning performances string together with the barest of narrative threads. Seriously, though, if you’re coming out of any Cirque du Soleil performance, whether it’s this movie or a live show, complaining about the story, you’re expecting ridiculous things.

While 3D filmmaking could make this film incredible to behold, a lot of the charm is lost for me since it’s not a live show. While I’m certainly not suggesting the performances and stunt work on display here is some kind of CGI trickery, there’s just that sense of wonder at watching astounding athletic prowess live on stage that won’t translate to a taped performance, at least for me. Still, it could be fun to watch just for the sheer visual splendor of it all, and the near Christmas release of December 21st means it’ll probably make some nice bank as a family Christmas outing.