Trailer: Comin’ at Ya! 3D

Comin' at Ya! 3D 2012 Official Trailer

There’s something about this trailer for Comin’ at Ya! 3D that makes me downright giddy. Maybe it’s because this is a revival of a 30-year-old 3D spaghetti western. Maybe it’s because it looks like the kind of movie that would play a double-feature with Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin’s The Master Gunfighter. Or maybe it’s this tagline I spotted on IMDb: “Warning: The Management Is Not responsible For Where The Screen Ends And You Begin!”

Whatever the case, Comin’ at Ya! 3D looks like the hokey fun that appeals to the kid in me. The movie will be out in Texas on February 24th. We’ve got the restoration poster for you in the gallery as well.

[Via First Showing]

Hubert Vigilla
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