Trailer: Contraband


If a movie has Mark Wahlberg in it, I always give it a second glance. That’s a rule that’s served me both very well and very poorly. If I didn’t follow this rule, I never would have seen Shooter, which is one underrated piece of action awesome. Conversely, I would also have spared myself Max Payne if I’d abandoned this rule. As such, I will probably check out Contraband, which is a remake of 2008’s Reykjavik-Rotterdam and directed, oddly enough, by Baltasar Kormákur, the star of the original film.

Overall, the plot is reasonably standard. Former criminal (Marky Mark) that was the best in the game gives it all up for a family but finds himself drawn back for one last job to help save his loved ones. Also doesn’t hurt that the trailer seems to give a LOT away, but I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of a law in California that requires trailers to do that now. Lord knows I have to say it on 90% of the trailers I share with you guys.