Trailer: Cosmopolis


[WARNING: Slightly NSFW]

Man, this picture represents two things I’ve been waiting for for quite some time now. First off, we’ve got David Cronenberg’s return to weird, trippy material closer to his old-school body horror pictures. There’s a giant freaking rat in there, and some really weird sexual things going on in here, and it makes me so damn happy! Secondly, this could be the chance for Robert Pattinson to shake off, at least in part, his Twilight infamy. This is going to be a side of Pattinson that his army of tween fans is going to be really, really uncomfortable with. His creepier fans in their thirties and forties will probably be arrested en masse for public masturbation, though. 

While this is based off of a thirty-five second teaser, I’m still greatly looking forward to Cosmopolis. Despite the apparent bump in the road that was A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg’s one of my favorite living filmmakers that’s been on an incredible hot streak for the past ten years, and I think this picture’s going to be a worthy addition to his work.