Trailer: Cowboys and Aliens


Here’s a trailer for Cowboys and Aliens that debuted on Friday during that bastion of cinematic celebration that is the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. There’s a fair amount in it that we’ve already seen in the other trailers, with just enough newness to rekindle my excitement for this movie. It probably isn’t going to be another Super 8 in terms of sheer enjoyability on my part (read Glenn’s review here), but Jon Favreau hasn’t steered me too wrong before. Oh wait, Iron Man 2. Welp, at least this one’s got the benefit of not being part of an overly-connected franchise that doesn’t have enough time to tell its own story and chooses to spend time setting up other movies. 

Well, anyway, Cowboys and Aliens is set to collide the awesome power of James Bond and Han Solo on July 29th.

[Via /Film]