Trailer: Despicable Me 2

Trailer: Despicable Me 2

With this new trailer for Universal’s Despicable Me 2 we’re finally given a plot. You know how Gru became kind of a good guy at the end of the first one? That’s going to change here. He’s been recruited by the Anti-Villain League in order to fight a new villain…plus the Minions do some cute stuff

Actually, that’s pretty much it. There’s some hints at a greater theme (his kids are getting older), the exchange with the AVL agent was quirky, and the whole trailer is presented with just the right mix of goofy and cutesy. And I have no shame admitting that this 6’3 Spanish manly man giggled at the adorable firefighter gag at the end of the trailer. I think it might have been the animation of the Minion’s stubby little arms. Despicable Me 2 releases July 3rd, so are you looking forward to it? 

[via Apple]