Trailer: Don Hertzfeldt Volume 2: 2006-2011


This past March, I accomplished two personal goals: Meet/interview Don Hertzfeldt and watch the final trilogy in his short film series, affectionately titled “The Billogy.” I definitely set the bar exceedingly high when it comes to my personal achievements. Anyways, being able to watch the trilogy (which is made up of Everything will be ok, I am so proud of you, and It’s such a beautiful day) seamlessly greatly enhances the films, especially considering they originally weren’t meant to be put together.

Of course, if you haven’t had the chance to catch the entire film in theaters, Bitter Films is releasing the shorts, along with Wisdom Teeth, in a full package entitled Don Hertzfeldt Volume 2: 2006-2011. Much like the Volume 1 release, the upcoming DVD will include every short Hertzfeldt worked on in the five-year span, as well as a number of special features.

You can pre-order Don Hertzfeldt Volume 2: 2006-2011 here. The full release information is below the jump. WEH.

The disc will feature EVERYTHING WILL BE OK, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, and IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY, with the option for the first time anywhere to play all three chapters of the story edited seamlessly together, as a feature film. All of the titles have been given a fresh remastering and cleaning, personally performed by Don for a very long time against his will, from new high definition masters. 

The DVD’s special features are:

  • 2010 cartoon WISDOM TEETH, newly remastered
  • Over 40 minutes of interviews from the EVENING WITH DON HERTZFELDT TOUR
  • A 24 page booklet with liner notes
  • Close-captions for the hearing impaired
  • A little deleted scene from IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY

Pre-order the DVD and we’ll also throw in the following as a special thank you:

  • A unique IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY film strip, clipped from a 35mm release print from Don’s personal collection.
  • A strange WISDOM TEETH postcard
  • A free, optional one-year subscription to ROLLING STONE magazine, courtesy of MusicToday (USA only)
  • The option to add any other DVD in the shop to your pre-order at 50% off
  • The option to add any signed art print in the shop to your pre-order at 50% off

We’re currently looking at the middle of October as the target ballpark for the DVD to come out of the oven and begin shipping to everyone, hot and dripping. We’ll keep everyone posted if we forsee that timeframe moving forward or back! You will also receive an e-mail confirmation as soon as your DVD heads out the door. 

:::: Do not hurl your old DVD singles of EVERYTHING WILL BE OK and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU out the window just yet. Now out of print, those discs will remain the only ones to feature the over-250 pages of unique notes and making-of materials from those films.