Trailer: Drive Angry 3D Superbowl spot


Drive Angry 3D is exactly the sort of film you want to see a trailer for during the Superbowl. It has Nicolas Cage, explosions, cars and Amber Heard in tiny shorts handling a large gun. It’s probably the sort of trailer you’d want to see at any time, just even moreso when getting sozzled with a large group of fratboy friends wearing a variety of obscene hats and hollering just because they can.

Despite myself, I still can’t help but get excited by a new Nicolas Cage film, even after the dismal Season of the Witch : I think it’s the hope for another Bad Lieutenant that keeps me going. Drive Angry seems to have all the right ingredients and my fingers are tightly crossed that it’ll make no sense at all and offer nothing more than a brilliantly stupid two hours of violence, attractive ladies and reckless overacting. If it fails, I may have to put on a bear suit and punch someone.

Trailer follows the jump.