Trailer: End of Watch


Here’s the red band trailer for End of Watch, David Ayer’s new cop drama that looks like it takes cues from shows like COPS. There’s a lot of shakycam, night vision, and F-bombs which makes me lose the confidence I had in this. It looks so messy, and not in a good way. I guess it works if the whole thing is meant to have a “gritty COPS vibe,” but the previous trailer didn’t even get this messy. Also if End of Watch looks and sounds like COPS, but has no crack smoking pimps (that I know of) with blurred out faces going through public baby momma drama, then it’ll be missing the heart of that popular show. 

I’m still really hoping the writing is strong enough to tie all of these random techniques together. If a good story shines through all of this junk, then I’m considering it a win.