Trailer: Fight For Your Right (Revisited)


[NOTE: This trailer is red-band, meaning it’s not Mom or work-safe.]

Exactly four months ago, I wrote about the upcoming Beastie Boys short film, Fight For Your Right (Revisited). Today, I bring you the trailer for that same film. I highly implore you to watch this trailer if you’re a fan of beer tossing, window shattering, white boy breakdancing, and Will Arnett’s Arrested Development phrase, “OH, COME ON!”

The trailer sheds light on the premise of the film: The future, modern Beastie Boys travel to the past and confronts their younger selves, challenging them to a dance contest. What transpires is such a high level of shenanigans that it makes me wish I was a part of this shoot. Elijah Wood gets shanked! Fun!

Anybody that can name every celebrity cameo in the trailer will get a No-Prize.

[via Beastie Boys YouTube]