Trailer: Final Destination 5


So here’s a trailer for the newest entry in the Final Destination series. While parts 3 and 4/not numbered weren’t terribly great, I have a massive boner for Final Destination 2. It’s a series of Rube Goldberg machines where the final result is horribly, hilarious death. Man, I love that movie. This one, however, seems to have a horrible bridge collapse as the disaster our plucky teens cheat death by avoiding. This means I will likely not see this film, because I have a nigh-crippling fear of driving over bridges for fear they will collapse or that someone will hit me, and my car will go over the side. It might have been a fear I got from a combination of Beetlejuice and Ghost Dad, but that makes it no less terrifying.

Anyway, Final Destination 5‘s a thing. I think I’ll call it 5nal Destination, just so I can be hip. Also, that Lasik kill looks to be absolutely squirm-worthy, and I can’t wait to see it.

[Via IndieWire]