Trailer: Flight


There are three things to be very happy about with the reveal of the Flight trailer:

  1. Denzel Washington is no longer starring in sh*tty action blockbusters and finally took a purely dramatic role.
  2. Robert Zemeckis has finally given up on motion capture technology … OR DID HE PERFECT IT AND WE JUST DON’T KNOW?!
  3. Although the film may seem like a typical plot about a heroic pilot who crash landed a plane with no casualties, but he’s a heroic pilot with a troubled past and a alcohol problem. SENSATIONALISM!

But besides these three points, Flight actually looks like an interesting dramatic piece about an heroic act and how it can easily transform your life afterwards, for better or worse. My only gripe with the trailer is that they used The Rolling Stone’s “Gimme Shelter” like we haven’t heard it in every trailer since The Departed. Gimme Shelter? More like GIMME A BREAK!

… I’m really sorry for that. Flight will fly land appear in theaters November 2nd.

[via Apple Trailers]