Trailer: Footloose


This remake of the 1980s Kevin Bacon masterpiece Footloose can go one of two ways. It will either be a Step Up 3D type of film where you can put up with the horrific acting and story because the dancing is amazing or it will be a teen angsty film that fails at grasping the feeling or charm of the original. Judging by the above trailer, featuring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough in the lead roles, I sadly have to predict it will be the latter.

In case all you know about the original film is that Kevin Bacon does one of the most 80s-tastic dance numbers ever in an abandoned warehouse, here’s a rundown of the plot: Out-of-towner comes to a small town where dancing has been outlawed. Proceeds to dance with and woo the daughter of the preacher who outlawed dancing. Life lessons learned. Kevin Bacon is awesome.

The original is charming, surprisingly well made and actually pulls off its story really well. This one appears to pander more to the modern dance scene than the “actually telling a story” scene. Let’s hope it realizes that and just goes all out dance movie.

[via MTV]

Matthew Razak
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