Trailer for Bloodshot shows off Vin Diesel’s super-soldier comic adaptation

BLOODSHOT - Official Trailer (HD)

Why should Marvel and DC have all the fun? From Sony Pictures and Hivemind Productions comes Bloodshot, the feature film adaptation of the Valiant Comics series about one very pale, very angry super-soldier.

With Vin Diesel in the titular role, Bloodshot follows KIA’d US soldier Ray Garrison, given a second lease on life thanks to a covert program looking to manufacture a new breed of soldier. Waking up from death, Bloodshot, as he’s codenamed, has an army of nanomachines working tirelessly throughout his nervous system, repairing his injuries and enhancing his strength. Couple this with a classic case of amnesia and a murdered wife and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some good old-fashioned bloodletting. Original? Maybe not. Entertaining? Sure looks it!

Bloodshot is one of several interesting adaptations coming from Hivemind Films, others of which include Netflix’s Witcher and the gestating Gideon Falls adaptation. In a world where Marvel’s cinematic outings seem to have peaked for a time, with their eyes turned towards television, and DC doing whatever the heck they feel like in a stream of inconsistent-but-profitable results, it seems there’s an open market for smaller comic books to shine in the feature film arena. 

Co-starring Guy Pearce, Bloodshot will be painting the town red February 21, 2020.