Trailer for Cambodian martial arts movie Jailbreak looks like furious fun


My taste is eclectic, but I am, at heart, a simple man. Sometimes I want a long Hungarian art movie, or an oblique sci-fi existential meditation on trauma and pigs, or a reassuring week in the life of a working artist.

Other times I just want to see people punch each other in the face in really fancy ways.

So this trailer for Jailbreak looks pretty darn fun to me. The only thing that’s missing is the Thin Lizzy song “Jailbreak”. Give it a watch.

JAILBREAK - Official Trailer (Cambodian Martial Arts Action Comedy)

Here’s an official synopsis for the film:

A group of Special Task Force Officers are sent to Koh Kla prison where they detain the country’s top criminals. What started as a simple escort mission will soon turn into chaos as the prisoners take over the prison grounds. Trapped in the building, our 4 heroes will have to get their way out for survival, or die trying.


Jailbreak is out in Cambodian theaters on January 31st. No word on any international release at the moment.

[via Screen Anarchy]
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