Trailer for Deliver Us From Evil has EVIL written all over it

Deliver Us From Evil - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

Everyone, let me be real for a second. During this trailer for Jerry Bruckheimer’s first horror movie production, Deliver Us From Evil, I jumped once. I won’t tell you where or why, but I did jump. Now the rest of the trailer didn’t deliver that same spark, but given the talent behind it (directed by the same man who directed Sinister, stars Eric Bana), it all looks very pleasing to the eye. And horror films usually do well in the Summer, so we’ll probably see good things from it. 

It’s also all based off the memoirs of a police officer, so that’s certainly something. But it seems like we get a new “based on a true story” horror film every day, right? Deliver Us From Evil delivers evil July 2nd.