Trailer for El Chicano brings vengeance in a mask

'El Chicano' Official Trailer (2019) | Raúl Castillo, Aimee Garcia, Jose Pablo Cantillo

The revenge thriller has been in a rut for a good long time. It’s either an old guy going after the people who hurt his family or a person harmed by a drug cartel who seeks revenge or both of those things together. El Chicano doesn’t seem to be shaking that up all that much aside from having the anti-hero be someone else than a white person. Actually, that’s shaking it up quite a bit but I’m not sure the rest of the film looks like anything special.

As you can tell from this first, non-festival trailer the movie centers around a cop whose partner dies and so he starts dressing up like an urban myth and taking on evil gangs through extreme means. It’s basically the first season of Arrow without the whole flashback to a bunch of islands part. I’m getting the same kind of feeling off this as I did with Peppermint, which did not turn out well. 

Matthew Razak
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