Trailer for French animated short Tempête Sur Anorak delights


Tempête sur anorak Trailer from Paul Cabon on Vimeo.

Tempête Sur Anorak – or Storm Hits Jacket – is an upcoming French animated short film by animator and artist Paul Cabon. It’s not everyday we see a trailer for a short film, and it’s certainly that much more rare to see one as interesting, visually and thematically, as this.

On Cabon’s website, he describes the film, saying “A storm is coming. Nature gets crazy, stuff happens, two young scientists get caught in the middle. Industrial spying, romantic events and mystical moments bump into each other with joy and chaos.

Between the trailer and that description, I absolutely must see Tempête Sur Anorak. Cabon’s website also promises that information about screenings and premiers of the film will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

[via Vimeo]