Trailer for romantic comedy Words and Pictures pits painting against language

WORDS AND PICTURES - Official Theatrical Trailer (1080p)

Words and Pictures stars Clive Owen as Jack Marcus — a disillusioned English teacher at a small private school who is just as frustrated by his classes’ increasing apathy as he is with his own withering writing career. Juliette Binoche also stars as Dina Delsanto — a painter who was once famous for her work but due to injuries can no longer paint as she used to, and becomes an art professor at Marcus’ school.

When Marcus’ flailing teaching job is put on the line, he decides to rally his English students to challenge Delsanto’s art students that the written word holds the power to convey more meaning than the image. Words and Pictures looks like it’s more concerned with its fairly typical rom-com narrative than ruminating on large art questions, but it does look pretty cute nonetheless. Words and Pictures will open in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.