Trailer for Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges as a wizard knight thing

Seventh Son Trailer #2 (2015) Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes Movie HD

Seventh Son has had nothing but trouble till now. It went into production late 2012 for an intended early 2013 release, was pushed back to October 2013, then early 2014, and after Legendary Pictures split from Warner Bros, it was caught up in their right fights until Universal took over and set it for its eventual release February 2015. I’d make a joke about how it shouldn’t even bother, but hey, at this point the 2015 release isn’t even certain. 

Seventh Son is about guy who’s the “seventh son of the seventh son” of a group of mystical warriors who fight an army of magical beasts. It also stars Jeff Bridges as a wizard guy and Julianne Moore as Charlize Theron from Snow White and the Huntsman. This all looks terribly generic, but I liked RIPD okay and that looked bad too. Seventh Son probably releases February 6th next year if it doesn’t get delayed again.