Trailer for Shudder original The Ranger puts punks out of their misery


The Ranger - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

Punks–they’re loud, aggressive, drug-addled, and prone to destruction. You drop a pack of them into the woods, and you’re bound to get graffiti-abused trees, litter from beer cans to condoms, and a seriously wrecked camping area. I ask you, dear readers, to step into the boots, hat, and government-issued sunglasses of a park ranger and decide for yourself if hunting them down like ten-point bucks isn’t the best way to protect the natural splendor of the forest from their corrosive influence? If you consider all your options, it really is the only way.

The Ranger, coming exclusively to Shudder on May 9, looks to be a nifty little slasher. It looks dark and exhausting with just the right splashes of humor to make for a cool Friday night drinks-and-scares movie. The story sees these teen punks on the run from the law following a crime and hiding out in a cabin, but the park’s ranger clearly knows its young pink-haired owner. That makes this square-jawed slasher a double-whammy of murderous psychosis and skeevy stalkerishness. Cool!

This looks like a solid addition to Shudder’s platform, and coupled with the addition of the amazing Tigers Are Not Afraid the service continues to look more and more like a serious contender for your streaming dollar.

Kyle Yadlosky
Kyle Yadlosky only cares about trash. The trippy, bizarre, DIY, and low-budget are his home. He sleeps in dumpsters and eats tinfoil. He also writes horror fiction sometimes.