Trailer for Spike TV’s The Mist series takes the Stephen King story beyond the store


Frank Darabont’s 2007 adaptation of The Mist played out like a long, taut episode of The Twilight Zone. The movie offered one hell of a downbeat final scene--maybe mockingly downbeat--that differed drastically from the closing notes of the Stephen King novella.

Spike TV is taking that King story and stretching it out into a television series. Because why not. A trailer was released for it yesterday, which you can watch below.

Official Trailer: The Mist (From a Story by Stephen King)

Not sure I’m convinced, though I admire the expanded scope on display. Rather than having a single group of survivors fending for themselves in a single location, they’re spread out, with some in a shopping mall and others in a church.

Expect some obvious nods to Dawn of the Dead. Hopefully not too obvious.


Here’s an official synopsis:

Based on a story by Stephen King, Spike’s THE MIST centers around a small town family that is torn apart by a brutal crime. As they deal with the fallout an eerie mist rolls in, suddenly cutting them off from the rest of the world and, in some cases, each other. Family, friends and adversaries become strange bedfellows, battling the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain morality and sanity as the rules of society break down. THE MIST stars Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Danica Curcic, Okezie Morro, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Russell Posner, Dan Butler, Isiah Washington, Jr. and Frances Conroy.

The Mist comes on little Lovecraftian feet on June 22nd.

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