Trailer for Tabloid covers crazy 1977 Mormon sex scandal


No, not that Mormon sex scandal. Not that one either. Or that one. Or that. Okay, so there have been quite a few in the past, but this one is less about religion and more of a battle of “he said” versus “she said.” Joyce Bernann McKinney — former Miss Wyoming — says she ran off with Kirk Anderson — a Mormon missionary — to a secluded home in England and had passionate sex for three days. He says he was raped.

The legal feud that followed in 1977 went on to become a famous media story in England, and Tabloid is the film that goes back and opens the book again to explore the true story from all angles of “truth.” The Errol Morris documentary has already appeared at four film festivals so far, but on July 15th it will finally see a limited theater release around America.

Even though I didn’t spot anything too salacious in the video above, it’s still a restricted trailer, so watch at your own risk if you’re at school or work!