Trailer for The Age of Adaline staring a forever-young Blake Lively

The Age of Adaline (2015 Movie) – Official Trailer - Blake Lively

In The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively stars as a woman who goes through some kind of magical accident when she is 29, and from then on she cannot age. Adaline must continue to navigate her way through the ever-changing world, while trying to retain her anonymity. Things begin to unravel when she meets a wealthy philanthropist named Ellis, and meeting his parents threatens to divulge her immortal secret.

The Age of Adaline looks ok as far as romance movies go, I do like the magically realistic twist to it. And of course Lively is stunningly pretty. You can check out the poster below, it’s actually a pretty smart design. All of those little squares represent images taken throughout the decades with various photographic materials from each time period, coalescing into the fragmented but discernible identity of Adaline. The Age of Adaline will come to theaters April 24th, 2015.