Trailer for The Book Thief is really just bad

The Book Thief Official Trailer

The Book Thief, based on the insanely well-received and popular book of the same name, looks like it might actually be a really good, if cloyingly desperate for and Oscar movie. This trailer, however, which is so bad you wouldn’t be too mistaken if you thought it was a parody, is so obviously Oscar bait it almost makes you not want to see the awesome Geoffery Rush on the screen sullying his good name. 

You know, it wouldn’t really be that bad if it wasn’t for the voice over. Things are following the pretty standard Oscar movie trailer format (Nazis, historical, dramatic choices, big important music) until suddenly the narrator kicks in. What were they thinking? It goes from cheesy to moldy in the span of one word and then they have the gall to say something like, “Hope will define her.” It’s the trailer a marketing department stuck in the 80s would make. 

Matthew Razak
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