Trailer for Wild with Reese Witherspoon is surprisingly subdued


After the amazing Dallas Buyer’s Club I’m pretty much ready for director Jean-Marc Vallée to take me through any biographical film he damn well wants. Thankfully Wild, based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, is a pretty interesting one. Strayed’s life fell apart after her mother died and her marriage crumbled so she decided to walk 1,000 miles of the Pacific Coast Trail… because that’s how you end up writing an interesting book.

It is fantastic to see Witherspoon once again in a role that might actually be challenging as the woman can actually act when she’s given a role other than romantically entwined blonde. The film itself looks touching and actually more unique than one would expect from a indie movie about finding oneself on a grand adventure. 

It will open on December 5th.

Matthew Razak
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