Trailer: Frankenweenie


Tim Burton’s latest movie seems to offer up some classic stop-motion animation goodness we haven’t seen since The Corpse Bride. I always think it’s interesting that most The Nightmare Before Christmas fans seem to be under the impression that Tim Burton directed it, since his name’s all over it, and his career’s taken off since then. However, it was directed by none other than Henry Selick, who also directed James and the Giant Peach, which in my opinion was better than either previously mentioned movies. I think Tim Burton has yet to master pacing in his animated movies. Hopefully Frankenweenie will debunk that theory, though I’m not sure where a plot like this could really go.

That being said, Frankenweenie marks the first time Winona Ryder has been in a Tim Burton film since Edward Scissorhands… Could it mean a return to form for Tim? Oh, not that he’s lost his touch or anything. Alice in Wonderland was just amazing. Wasn’t it? And that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie was just brilliant… God… I can’t really take this much sarcasm.

Frankenweenie comes out October 5th.

[Via Yahoo]