Trailer: Fright Night


Man, I was interested in this until I saw the trailer. The original Fright Night, while not a great movie, had some personality. It was just enough horror to be scary and just silly enough to make it interesting. This, though, just seems inert. Colin Farrell makes a nice-looking vampire, though. The trailer also downplays Peter Vincent’s (David Tennant) involvement, which makes me wonder why it’s even got to be a Fright Night remake at all. The basic premise of Fright Night is that a vampire moves next door to a teen, who calls in the only person he knows with vamp-killing experience: a crusty old television show host on a late night horror program. This just looks like the kid taking matters into his own hands.

I dunno. I’ve got a big soft spot for the original Fright Night, and this isn’t pushing my buttons the way it could be. What do you guys think?

[Via /Film, IGN]