Trailer From Escape from Tomorrow will ruin Disney Land


We’ve got the first trailer for Escape From Tomorrow here, and it’s… weird. Wait, you haven’t heard of this yet? It’s the horror movie filmed at Disney parks without the knowledge of Disney at all. It’s basically a miracle it even got screened at Sundance, but now that’s it’s out there it looks like we’ll all get a chance to see whatever it is.

Reactions to the film, as you can see in the trailer, are, well, confused. Everyone seems to be in awe of the movie even if it really isn’t that great. I’m just in awe of them pulling it off, though I don’t think it’s that hard of a job to turn the insane happiness of Disney Land into a horror set. That place is one creepy clown away from being there on its own anyway.

I think we should all be more impressed with the awesome poster that the film is being promoted with. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Mickey will actually be bloodying his fist in this film.

Matthew Razak
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