Trailer: Goon


Though I largely don’t understand Hockey as a sport (and have an odd hatred of all things Canadian), I for some peculiar reason love Hockey movies. Though saying “I love Hockey movies” is essentially saying “I like all four hockey movies and three of them belong to the Mighty Ducks saga”, Goon is looking like to bring that number up to five.

In Goon, Sean William Scott is essentially tasked with punching the crap out of people in a minor league hockey team (I’m told they’re called “enforcers”). In the trailer, we get Jay Baruchel (who co-wrote the script) not playing a Woody Allen caricature, Liev Schreiber playing and old school Russian nemesis of sorts and a very tasteful 69 joke. All in all, the film looks like fun mixture of punchy-comedy goodness. Goon will see a VOD release on Febuary 24th and a theatrical release on March 30th.