Trailer: Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters


I like Gemma Arterton as much as the next human male, but this trailer for her next movie, Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters, is every bit as terrible as that title suggests. I suppose it’s being marketed at the people who bought Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and its ghastly ilk, but that trend is thankfully over as far as I can tell. At least the concept behind PP&Z is vaguely amusing, whereas there’s nary a droplet of imagination on show here. Hansel and Gretel grew up to be witch hunters? Predictable plot involving kidnapped children? Insert sarcastic whoop here. Plus another one here for good measure.

Following almost a year’s delay, the movie is being released in January 2013, the time of year when anything a studio is slightly embarrassed about is sent to quietly die. Let us know in the comments if you find anything even vaguely hopefully in this mess: the dialogue is awful, Renner and Arterton (armed with a lousy, inexplicable American accent) sound bored, and the ‘cool moments’ are pitifully forced. And it’s in 3D! Joy of joys!