Trailer: How to Make Money Selling Drugs


Unfortunately for broke hipsters like myself, this isn’t some “how to” documentary as the title suggests. I was lured in with false promises of quick and easy money like that one time I stood in front of a Home Depot to get some quick work. But enough about my crazy past. Matthew Cooke’s How to Make Money Selling Drugs, is a realistic take on the drug business from the famous people who know it best. 

This film features interviews with police officers, Woody Harrelson, Susan Sarandon (!), 50 Cent (who I guess got rich instead of dying), Eminem, and Freeway Rick Ross who’s actually a huge, huge deal since the man is pretty much the closest thing we’ll get to Tony Montana’s fictional empire.  

I wasn’t aware this existed until now, but with all of these famous people who “hustle” (as one of my friends from the barrio has told me) backing up the film, I am very interested in the final product. Unfortunately like I Declare War, How to Make Money Selling Drugs has no widespread release date beyond its TIFF appearance. I don’t expect that to last though.