Trailer: Hummingbird

Trailer: Hummingbird

Typecast extraordinaire Jason Statham is starring in his newest film, Hummingbird, from director Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) The basic plot is that Statham is an ex-special forces soldier who ends up being a homeless man. He steals another man’s identity and goes out to seek his own version of justice on London’s criminal underworld.

It does sound like a fairly cut and paste Statham plot and film at first. But this could actually have some sort of depth to the story because Knight, while he is directing, also wrote the screenplay for this as well as Eastern Promises. It will be a good change of pace for Statham to have a film with some plot and character depth. Also, he wears a long-hair wig and it looks really silly.

Hummingbird is set to release in the UK on May 17th. Check out the film poster below.

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